The Brink Liverpool

"Not many bars in the Ropewalks offer your five a day, and an alternative way to kick back with mates."
- Tori Hywel-Davies, Seven Streets


The Brink is much more than just a great social space, and our work includes providing information and support to anyone affected by addiction. Our team includes support workers and counsellors who promote recovery through a programme of services tailored to provide help where it’s most needed.


The Alcohol Pre-Abstinent Support Service (A-PASS) offers one-to-one sessions, group support and onward referral for those who are considering becoming abstinent from alcohol, or would like help to access abstinence-based treatment.

The A-PASS programme is designed to help you investigate and understand problematic drinking behaviour, identify the possible causes and consequences of drinking, and to support you in making decisions that will help you move forward in changing your lifestyle.

If you decide that you’d like to apply for more intensive follow-up treatment, the referral-on service will allow you to explore different options and will support you in doing so.

Brink of Change

Brink of Change is a programme of support, information and guidance to help you as you prepare to take the first steps toward long-term change and becoming abstinent.

Based in the safe, welcoming environment of The Brink, the programme is run by professionals who have personal experience of addiction. The programme provides a basis on which to prepare for more intensive treatments such as rehab, day treatment, group work and other interventions.

Family Sundays

Are you affected by a family member’s addiction or alcoholism? Struggling to deal with it and need more information and some family support?

Come and meet The Brink’s new families counsellor, for a 2-hour workshop and check-in group on “Addiction / Alcoholism in the Family”, followed by a delicious Brink Sunday Roast Lunch - all for a suggested donation of just £1.00.

If you’d like more information about any of our services, you can get in touch by phone, email, or pop in and ask a member of the team.

Support us

If you’d like to support the work we do, you can donate online via our parent charity, Action on Addiction, at the following link:

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